Looking for something simple, but not along the lines of J.Crew or Uniqlo? Enter Bedwin & The Heartbreakers. Since its inception into the Japanese casual wear market, the lowkey, character-rich brand has won over the hearts, so to speak, of the subtly swagged-out youth for over a decade. 

Its newest season, titled "Don't Ask Why," is a great mix of its signature attitude and a slice of trending ideas mashed together. Spring/summer materials shine throughout, and are used to construct v wearable linen shirts, lightweight outerwear, slim pants and more. A slight shift towards all-over patterning is seen this time around; Bedwin is known for "one-point" styling, where the details are mainly focused on one area of the garment. This can mean an embroidery insignia or contrasting colored text, or even a single offset button. Paisley and check fans will be stoked with the shirt offerings, which provide Bedwin's take on a semi-grunge rock look, while formal pieces are also highlighted, along with casual knit-ties, beanies, scarves, and more.

Go check out the rest of the awesome collection over at Bedwin's official site and find out how you can look dope all seven days of the week, not just the weekend.

[via Bedwin & The Heartbreakers]