Newborns don’t start teething until about a few months in but that shouldn’t stop you from giving them their first set of grills. Just check out the Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier. It comes with a full set of blinged-out teeth that will make your baby the iciest child in the nursery.

You have to be very careful though. If you’re picking this up as a gift, tread lightly; some parents might not have the same sense of humor as you. But who wouldn’t want to give a kid a smile only a mother can love? As one five-star Amazon review puts it: “People loved the grillz, and were LOL when they saw it. Baby liked the functionality of the soother. Must have for fun.” So it’s worth the $8 price tag just for shits and giggles. Visit the Amazon website to cop. Apparently, it’s good for ages “3 months to 99 years.” If you can find something more ratchet than this, please send it our way.