Born: 1987 in Exeter, England
Location: Los Angeles

Part British and part Persian, Kour Pour grew up in the South West of England before moving to Los Angeles, where he graduated with his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2010. In explaining the impetus behind his popular series of carpet paintings, he says, "Carpets were a part of my childhood growing up in England. I remember my Father's rug shop, and how he would hand-dye sections of carpets that had faded away, in order to bring them back to their original vibrant colors." Each painting can take several months to complete and incorporates many techniques including an under-painting using a broomstick, silkscreen printing, sanding and meticulous hand painting. The images depicted in the paintings range from Chinese Dragons to Portuguese sailors, Genies and Silk Road nomads, all meeting together on one picture plane. The youngest artist on this year's list, Kour Pour has participated in group exhibitions at Roberts & Tilton and Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles. Following the "2014 Artists to Watch" exhibition at the M Building in Miami, he will open his first solo show at UNT/TLED in New York.