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For most of us, "liking" something on Instagram is a somewhat impulsive thing. You're mindlessly scrolling through your feed, something catches your attention and your primal instincts kick in, leading you to double tap your screen, or actually hit the "like" button if you're a goddamn savage. But artist Yue Wu wanted a more creative way to document his Instagram activity, which lead him to drawing collages of everything he "liked" on a particular day. And, as it turns out, a lot of the shit Yue likes is the kind of shit we like too, from Pigalle hoodies to Jordans. He even went to far as to illustrate a recent image of Riccardo Tisci that was released in conjunction with the announcement of his upcoming Nike collab, which Tisci himself then went on to 'gram. It even looks like Wu recently smoked weed with Eddie Huang, so you know he's good peoples. Keep up to date with his work by visiting his website.