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Another day, another news item linking American Apparel and Dov Charney with vaginas.

American Apparel loves to live in a bubble of controversy, usually brought on with hyper-sexualized ads, incredibly young-looking models, and a founder who’s always in hot water himself.

Well, there's a new reason why people are talking about American Apparel again, and it has to do with a somewhat hairy situation. At the East Houston Street location in NYC, the company propped up some new mannequins, and these definitely snapped the necks of passing pedestrians.

While these plastic ladies are rocking the new collection of underwear, the mannequins are sporting something else. Look at little closer—actually you can see from a distance—and you will notice a tremendous amount of bush sprouting out in the nether regions.

Now listen: We’re not one to pass judgment on what a woman chooses to rock down there, but what is the point of this? Normalizing the presence of pubic hair? Referencing Bradley Cooper's haircut in American Hustle? Questioning the dominating industry-wide standard of a bald V? Actually, we applaud that last one.

If the retailer is going for shock value, AA has certainly mastered that. We're certainly talking about it. But maybe since most of the company's ads look like they were shot in a ‘70s aerobic class, perhaps the au naturale look is just there to be consistent with those themes. No matter what it is, we can at least all agree that Dov Charney is gross.

[via Gothamist]