British artist Darren Coffield is known for distorting celebrities' faces, flipping their characteristics so their eyes are where their mouths should be. It's this upside-down style that attracted the singer Adele to his paintings.

"It's my ironic take on celebrity that made Adele come in to see my work. I did Kate Middleton and I'm sending that to her," Coffield told the Daily Star. Adele recently purchased Coffield's never-before-seen portrait of Kate Middleton. It probably looks something like this earlier portrait of Duchess Catherine by the artist:

Adele is such a fan of Coffield's work that she has asked the painter to depict her or her own family, an idea Coffield had planned anyway. "She was asking whether I would take a commission to paint her or maybe someone in her family. I was actually going to do a portrait of her anyway but didn't get around to it," he said.

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[via Bang Showbiz]