Having lived in Philadelphia for two years, I can say that it's, empirically speaking, a shitty place for acquiring dope jawnery. There's, like, one good sneaker store and a Barney's CO-OP that only carries, like, three pieces from all of the brands you like. But Villa, which not only has stores in the City of Brotherly Love, but in 70 (!) locations across the East Coast and Mid-West, has collaborated with Timberland on a couple of 6" bangers...*pauses momentarily*. The first pair were an all red style fully in line with 2013's red struggtober craze, while the newest collaborative effort is a more subtle, but equally as dope navy blue. You know how long we've been waiting for navy blue Timbs? GODDAMN. Look for the Villa x Timberland Villa89 to drop in February.