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At this point you've probably heard a lot about the whitewashing of 5 Pointz, but people haven't really taken the time to think or talk about where the artists ended up. The curator of the lost graffiti center, Meres One, has done a couple tribute pieces, but the other members haven't gotten a lot of exposure. DNAInfo reports that Meres One and a few other artists including Kid Lew, Zimad, Shiro, and See TF will be showing work in a gallery exhibition at Long Island's Gold Coast Arts Center beginning January 19.

Entitled "Wall Works," the exhibition will be the curatorial debut for the gallery's new director Jude Amsel. Gold Coast Arts Center is a non-profit that promotes the arts through outreach and educational programming for people of all ages, especially children and their families. For more information about the coming show and available, check out the Gold Coast Arts Center's website.

[via DNAInfo]