Woah, did Zaha Hadid just produce something that we can possibly afford? In our growing collection of things we definitely can’t, there are numerous designs of everyday objects by the master of fluid architecture and design: dollhouses, wine bottles, superyachts.

But it seems the London-based designer just lent her hand to a charity eBay auction to produce a Christmas ornament and, almost unbelievably, it’s still within an affordable range. Matthew Williamson commissioned the ornament, along with a number of others by his celebrity friends, to be placed on the Christmas tree at his London restaurant Aqua Shard. But he’ll then auction them off via this eBay page. All proceeds are going to benefit the charity Kids Company. The charity provides various levels of support to at-risk, inner-city children.

Other people involved so far with the project include Mary J. Blige, Elizabeth Saltzman, and Charlotte Tilbury.

According to the eBay page, "The Zaha Hadid Christmas decoration is a contemporary representation of a traditional decorative object. Manufactured using rapid prototyping technology and materials, the piece is a digital creation representing current techniques employed in the field of architecture, design and research." Right.

Bid while you can. Right now the bauble is only at £152.00.

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[via Designboom]