Grammy award-winning musician and entrepreneur joined forces with noted futurist Brian David Jonson to write a sci-fi graphic novel Wizards & Robots. The story, which details a battle that pits ancient wizards against futuristic robots in a conflict that lasts from the 15th century through the 31st century, is as scientifically accurate as possible. This is because one of the originating concepts that drove the novel was the question of science and technology’s limits. It's meant to be adrenaline pumping, guiding readers through an epic journey that explores thrilling new worlds and uncovers explosive secrets.

The authors hired the creative direction of American digital agency Struck to help realize their artistic concept. Spearheaded by Brent Watts, Struck brings the elements of the story to life by producing “the hope algorithm,” a three-dimensional time capsule that entraps four encyclopedias. “The hope algorithm” directs the reader through the foreign new worlds, providing introductions to new characters, helpful language guidance, a wizarding spell index, and valuable historical information using brilliant visual imagery and typography.

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[via Designboom]