U.S. Alteration is on the experimentation tip and has been releasing some crazy heat transferred graphic items recently. If you thought the hot rod flame long sleeve shirts were fire, the latest release proves the brand isn't really taking its foot off the gas pedal yet.

For the New Year, U.S. Alteration is releasing a few deadstock vintage items with a twist. And by twist we mean items that overdosed on graphics. The first item is a classic Mickey Mouse graphic sweater joined by a few cholo clowns, pin-up girls, and old school cars. These cartoons are the types of things you always wished you could get tatted on your body, but were too scared to actually do it because your mom would disown you. Now you can save up on the pain and wear them on a sweater instead.

There should be more coming in January, so be on the lookout.  And keep your calendar free for February for when U.S. Alteration opens up its store. No more pop-ups this time, it’s permanent.