There are many problems with our waste-management practices, one of the most significant of which is trash finding its way into our oceans. We’re all familiar with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But what about the garbage that’s not quite so visible, that which sinks to the bottom of the seas? That’s a question explored by the artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez, going under the collective name Forlane 6 Studio.

The two actually went into scuba suits and under the surface to create these tableaux. The installation pieces/sculptures/photographs from the duo above are all a part of the project “Posidonia.”  Mimicking jellyfish and other invasive, mystery sea creatures, the sculptures invoke notions of a time when garbage is no longer just a pollutant, it’s become the very organisms that exist in the sea.

Check the pieces out, along with some in-process photos, above.

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[via Fast to Create]