There was a lot of art to be seen at Art Basel Miami Beach this year and though we covered a whole lot of it, there are some awesome pieces that we missed. Luhring Augestine and Stephen Friedman Gallery presented this sculpture by Tom Friedman in the Public Sector of the show. ‘Untitled (Peeing Figure)’ was initially built out of aluminum foil products including plates, pans, and roasting dishes and was later cast in stainless steel so that all of the details could be preserved. The figure stands eight feet tall and his arching stream is also made out of metal. It was installed outdoors where it could relieve itself among the palm trees. 

Friedman's sculpture reminds us of David Shrigley's Life Model, the urinating sculpture that he created for Turner Prize 2013. Each is detailed in its own way and both shown incredible craftsmanship.

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[via DesignBoom]