Try walking out of Macy’s with a pair of $5 dollar gloves, and the alarm will ring off like the Fourth of July. Try walking out of Zilly’s on the high-class block of East 57th Street with a $40,000 Australian crocodile jacket, and you can swiftly get away without anyone noticing. This is exactly what happened at the high-end men’s clothing store recently.

A couple went in to this exclusive doorbell-only entrance spot and perused the pricey clothes. The only problem is they weren’t planning on making a purchase; instead the duo used their smooth criminal moves to lift the exotic outerwear and walked out without anyone noticing. “The woman took the coat from a display rack and handed it to her partner, who then took it with him into a fitting room and placed it into a duffle bag," the police said. The couple is in their early 20s and are still at large.

This isn’t the first time someone has been bold enough to steal some luxurious items from high-end shops. Earlier this year, a man walked into Tiffany’s and walked out with $90,000 worth of jewelry. Whether it’s diamonds or expensive jackets, you would think there would be some sort of Fort Knocks-like security in place. But nope, apparently you can walk out of these places rather easily.

Lesson of the day: Put security alarm tags on your clothes and place a guard dog at the door.

[via Gothamist]