No offense, patriots, but The Real McCoy's is one of those Japanese brands that does Americana better than nearly every American brand. After almost 12 years, the brand has built up a reputation for putting out the finest sweatshirts on the market. While it's always tough to get your hands on most premium Japanese labels, Inventory just received a shipment of winter essentials for any dude who takes comfort seriously. And let's be honest, comfort is a serious part of any style-conscious guy's arsenal. 

Alongside three 10 oz. terry fleece sweatshirts, the Canadian shop also has two hooded, zip-up versions of the incredibly well-made garment. But the highlight of this season's stock is the N-1 Deck Jacket. This drool-inducing piece is a reproduction of what the U.S. Navy rocked during WWII. Lined with alpaca wool, this jacket is the jump-off. If it can stand up to Hilter, it can keep you toasty while you run to the bodega for a dutch run. The items all cary an "investment piece" price tag, but if you want to be wise with your purchases instead of chasing trends, then head over to Inventory for some real goodness from The Real McCoy's.