Exhibitions: MEƎM: A STORY BALLET ABOUT THE INTERNET for Performa 13 at The Connelly Theater in the East Village, New York.

With all this hype and paranoia over the government looking into our online activity and the first ever digital art auction happening in 2013, it seems the Internet has become an inescapable and even more relevant element of daily life. The visionary Ryan McNamara recognized this much, crafting a piece entitled MEƎM: A STORY BALLET ABOUT THE INTERNET, which won him the prize of Performa 13, the fifth iteration of New York's live art biennial.

At the East Village's Connelly Theater, McNamara staged an immersive ballet performance, which challenged audience members' perceptions of the Internet. Viewers were transported around the stage on dollies, while the ballet dancers carried out a series of micro-performances. For his unconventional, thought-provoking ballet, McNamara took home the Malcolm McLaren Award, which honors the late artist McLaren, and $10,000 in prize money—an award well-deserved.