Exhibitions: "Bird Shit" at MoMA PS1, "Psycho Nacirema" at Pace Gallery in London, "Cinematic Visions: Painting at the Edge of Reality" at Victoria Miro, starred in "Rebel Dabble Babble" by Damon and Paul McCarthy, Wig / Costume 2 at Frieze London, and "Animals" at Colette

It's been a busy year for the modern day Renaissance man that is James Franco. Not only did Franco grace Complex's June/July cover and star in two major Hollywood films in 2013, but the actor-cum-artist has also managed to present himself as a serious contender in the art world. Throughout the year, Franco has relentlessly created his own art and curated exhibitions at various international leading galleries too. In April, Franco moderated a multimedia performance entitled Bird Shit at MoMA PS1. Then in June, his first solo exhibition "Psycho Nacirema" opened at Pace London, as well as "Cinematic Visions," a group exhibition he curated for Victoria Miro Gallery. In October, he released a feature-length film entitled As I Lay Dying, had a piece Wig / Costume 2 from his "Psycho Nacirema" exhibition show at Frieze London, and had his "Animals" exhibition show at Colette. All his artistic endeavors has even brought him attention from some of the biggest artists in 2013 as well.

Franco starred in Paul and Damon McCarthy's installation and video project "Rebel Dabble Babble," which was on display at Hauser and Wirth from June 20 to July 26. Marina Abramovic is also working on film about Franco's life too. Not only has Franco created his own art in 2013, but he's written books and essays on art as well.

In July, he also released Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: The Films of James Franco, a book of explanations (and DVDs) on Franco's films and his passion for art—and it features an introduction from Abramovic and an essay by art theorist Francisco J. Ricardo. In August, Franco Photoshopped his face onto the two women in Paul McCarthy's WS and uploaded the image onto his Instagram. Then Vice featured the same photo along with an essay on Paul and Damon McCarthy by Franco himself. The artist now also has his own weekly, hour-long show James Franco Presents on Ovation TV, in which he discusses art and interviews those he admires. (Click here for a comprehensive list from earlier this year.)