2013 saw no shortage of monumental exhibitions, collaborations, and masterpieces from some of the greatest artists of our time. Just last week, we covered Art Basel Miami Beach, where, in addition to a huge main fair, satellite events like FAILE's beloved Deluxx Fluxx Arcade and the North American debut of Jeff KoonsBMW Art Car got us excited for whole new year of art-making and viewing.

Before we get to 2014, though, we have to look back. 2013 brought with it the emergence of digital artists like Molly Soda, who sold a performance piece at "PADDLES ON!," the first ever digital art auction, and challenged us to re-think the concept of art (and checking our email) as we know it. Even established street artists like Banksy, who took residency in New York this October with his "Better Out Than In" project, sparked conversations about art's shift towards the Internet.

As 2013 comes to a close, we've rounded up those we think are The Most Important Artists of 2013, ranging from the curious and delightful Yayoi Kusama to all-around creators like James Franco.

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