The MOC Brand is back with new hilarious meme-related goods. The brand has taken the latest trending #caughtbaeslippin hashtag-turned-meme and put it on a few apparel choices. For those who don't know, the meme was inspired by an image of a woman slipping on ice and busting her ass, and it's a literal take on the original meme that made fun of people who took photos of themselves as if their bae caught them sleeping. Yes, sometimes the Internet is a confusing place, but the important thing is you can now wear the best memes.

These clothes are perfect for anyone who loves to put all the fronters on blast. Let them know that they’re really single. And their deceptively presented “Bae” doesn’t stand for a person that's “before anyone else” or “boo,” but for being “BA-sic and E-xtra” on social media. It also works if you just want to get tongue and cheek—it's just as hilarious as the previous Drake DadaJay Z, and Miguel meme-inspired releases.

Available items include polos, beanies, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and a crewneck sweater. Visit The MOC Brand website to choose which apparel you want to burn all the fakes with.