The Center for Italian Modern Art is scheduled to open the week after Valentine's Day on February 22 in Soho. Showing one major exhibition each year, the Center will also offer fellowships and other programming that aligns with its mission to show contemporary and modern art rarely exhibited outside of Italy. 

Heather Ewing, executive director of the Center, said in a statement that, "Italy is highly praised for its excellence in fashion, design, and the culinary arts, but until very recently Italian modern and contemporary art has been largely overlooked." She went on to say that goal of the organization is to "serve as an incubator for new discourse, scholarly debate, and increased public appreciation of 20th-century Italian art, in all its variety and complexity."

The inaugural exhibition for CIMA will be feature 50 works by Fortunato Depero, Italian futurist painter and sculptor whose works have not been the primary focus of an exhibition in New York since the 1920s. There is no website that we can link you to for more information, but we will keep you posted as more news becomes available.

[via ArtInfo]