London artist Di Mainstone is developing this harp that generates sounds from the subtle vibrations in the cables of susbension bridges. Callied The Human Harp the project is advancing with help from the Queen Mary University of London as well as the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction design. Maybe this is something that every musician has fantasized about in some way, but lacked the wherewithal to accomplish it on such a functional level. Check out how gracefully it works in the above clip. Filmed by Martin Noboa, the clip takes place on New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge. Though there wasn’t any actual sound generated live in this performance, the concept video is being used to finalize the way the cables of the bridge interact with the cables on the artist’s harness. The team wrote that the intuitive movements of the instruments translated well to bystanders, and that even a wedding party stopped to observe the performance. 

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[via Dezeen]