It's not exactly easy to style looks that represent both ends of the highly separated portions of California.

Although the nearly 38 million residents of the Golden State are often lumped together into one shaka-throwing, long-haired, laid-back, hippy stereotype, distinct differences lie in the 370 miles that separate Los Angeles from Oakland, Calif. 

But by God, Us Versus Them has done it. The San Diego-based brand's Holiday 2013 line offers styles that both NorCal and SoCal natives can rock with.

A turned-down color palette on checkered flannels, black denim jackets, logo beanies and flat-brim caps would satisfy anyone who hails from the Emerald Triangle, while graphic tees, light striped button downs and grey hoodies fit right in the Central Valley. 

The best part - none of the pieces exceed an $100 price point.

Cop here. More information on Us Versus Them here.

[via Us Versus Them]