COST has been a big name in the New York graffiti scene for decades. The 45-year-old artist was interviewed recently for Metro by Bucky Turco and Marina Galperina of ANIMAL, which has recently published a longer feature about their talks with the artist. In it, COST talks about the differences in the street art scene from the early '90s until now, shares a bit of his personal history as a graffiti writer with REVS and his current partner ENX, and reflects on position in the history and future of the culture.

For those unfamiliar with the artist's work, this interview is a great introduction. They touch on just about everything: his "COST FUCKED MADONNA" poster and if there is any truth to his art, his street art hotline and voicemail setup (pre-Banksy's "Better Out Than In" hotline), his arrest and disappearance in 1994, having art sell for $31,250 at auction and not getting any of the money, collaborating with the lone wolf Invader, and various other moments in the rich timeline that has been his life. When asked about the current state of an art scene he helped shape, COST said that it's become "too polished."

Do yourself a favor and head to ANIMAL to read the feature now.

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[via ANIMAL]