One could arguably say that street art has staked its place in mainstream culture for a while now, but it has always stood on shaky ground when it comes to the fine art market. Let's be real: it's hard to know your chances at making it if you're not a street art superstar like Mr. Brainwash or Shepard Fairey. At the same time, the number of galleries dedicated to street art and urban culture has only been growing, which means that this alternative medium is slowly becoming more accepted by art buyers and fine arts institutions.

Although their deals might not be as good as the day that Banksy sold his pieces on the street for $60, there are many places around the globe that represent talented, well-known and underground urban artists. Some might argue that institutionalizing street art is disrupting its purpose, but at the same time galleries are helping bring street artists long overdue attention. Whether or not you're thinking about buying any pieces for yourself, check out these Street Art Galleries You Should Know About to catch up on what's going on in the world of urban art.

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