The artist Erin M. Riley doesn’t take anything as fleeting. Her recent body of work exhibits a handful of bodies, displayed in the mode of the selfie. More specifically, the sexy selfie. The kind of selfie you’d send on a Friday after the bars close and you’re so desperate to get a booty call you’ll text your interest just about anything. Those are the source from which Riley draws.

Rather than a passing moment of debauchery, Riley weaves, quite literally, a hefty amount of time and effort into these works, creating something that comments on how permanent these sexts can be, if they were ever to get into the proper hands (say, to be used by an artist as source material for fine art tapestries).

But it’s not the body just that Riley is interested in. It’s the ephemera, as well, the detritus of depravity that inspires many of her works: bongs mingle with condoms and used tampons, packets of Plan B hang side by side next to images of hunting rifles. Riley’s work takes things often whitewashed by witlessness and makes them soft, almost innocuous, if not recontextualizing the weight and interwoven implication of each wanton moment. 

More on her site.

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[via Fast to Create]