In case you were wondering, yes, Shawn Stussy is still killing it. His S/Double line puts a premium on quality gear that will stand up to the rigors of modern life without succumbing to the pitfalls of chasing trends. Now, with a revamped e-commerce platform, the brand's holiday collection is here to make sure you look like a classic American badass even if your array of lotions rival your sneaker collection in quantity and quality.

The updated shop aimed to be the "modern equivalent of that flea market stall or cool little shop that surprisingly sprung up in your neighborhood." And fuck, did S/Double ever deliver with the new holiday collection. Each piece has an old-school flare rooted in its minimalist military vibe. The new release includes range and deck jackets, along with suede desert boots and apparel that are both classic and tough as shit.

Pick up your new gear via the S/Doulbe website, and start enjoying the respect that comes with being a badass.

[via S/Double]