The superteam of David Choe, Julian Schnabel, Barry Mcgee, Kelsey Brookes, Dmote, Remio, Kevin Ancell, Keegan Gibbs, Estevan Oriol, Norm, Danny Fullerm Herbie Fletcher, Makua Rothman, Katch, ASAP Yams, YG, B.J. Penn, Miller and other members of the RVCA skate, art, and surf teams took a little trip down to Hawaii with videographers and photographers for the RVCAloha Project. Over six weeks, they attended the 2013 Billabong Masters, skated around a lot, and with sponsorship by Montana Cans, members of the art team joined POW! WOW! Hawaii in painting a few murals around the island. Check out some of the images from the six-week project above, and click here to check out more pics and surf and skate videos.

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