Roberto Cavalli is one of the most outspoken fashion designers in the industry. In a recent interview with, he shared his unwavering dislike for the way American women dress, and it was as candid as candid could be. 

First, he said he hates the all black everything look that American women have adopted, adding that it's just a way to "look skinnier." Well, that's like the pot calling the black because the designer is guilty of doing the same thing—and doing so dressed like a club creep vet. He went on to say that black is "not a positive color" and that "every woman should understand that if you are a little bit colorful, you can show your happiness to your boyfriend." Maybe it’s just his weird subliminal way of saying, “American women should buy my collections because they’re colorful.” We see you negging, bro, we see you.

In addition to axing the all black look, and saying "all women dress the same", he also took shots at Michael Kors, who Cavalli says just copies his designs. “I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram," he told

Old man Cavalli is at it again. 

[ via Huffington Post]