Shoutout to year end lists. Compiling the best of anything over the course of 365 days is super fucking tedious, obvious and completely subjective. Salute to any of my fellow stugglelancers out there compiling shit like Tumblr's 2013 Menswear Year in Review aka this year's top #menswear posts on Tumblr. I don’t know who edited this list or what, but it is downright laughable. THESE ARE THE BEST POSTS YOU COULD FIND TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO A TOPIC AS BROAD AS MENSWEAR? ON TUMBLR? IF THIS IS TRUE I QUIT THE INTERNET. Seriously, who are the people who get to tag something with that blue #menswear tag? They’re like the gatekeepers for this shit right? WELL, WHOEVER YOU PEOPLE ARE, YOU HAVE TERRIBLE TASTE. And, the saddest thing is, the rest of Tumblr does too because these pics have unfathomable amounts of notes. Okay, let’s just pretend we’re all on Tumblr right now and leave condescending notes on, allegedly, the top #menswear posts of 2013.