Renowned Clothing founder John Dean figures everyone should enjoy a bit of eminence.

That's the idea behind his Ohio-based brand, which first dropped two years ago and has been gaining traction among the likes of Chris Brown and Rich Homie Quan since. Styles of the utmost street-consciousness simultaneously maintain exclusivity, and each piece holds a certain universal wearability; yeah, Paige Hurd rocked a gold tee with a huge "R" on it, and so can we.  

Renowned's latest capsule collection for winter '13/'14 surrounds the concept of distortion like a fleet of low-flying ravens - using static and warping techniques, the brand put together a lookbook for the "RICHH" hoodie, static tee, black 3M heritage shirt and TSA surveillance sweatshirt. They're portrayed in this wobbly, slightly shifted manner - meant to switch up point of view. There's also an homage paid to Nelly circa 2002 in the photos. See if you can spot it.

More at Renowned's website. Cop here. 

[via Renowned Clothing]