Digital art-making duo Reed + Rader aren’t content with just letting the holidays pass by without a chance for merriment. Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader dropped the above video, to wish us all a “happy hardcore holiday.” As you can see, the piece features undulating snowmen, gingerbread men, baubles, and other strangely personified holiday characters in a digital winter wonderland. Soundtracked by the happy hardcore dance beats of DJ S3RL’s track “Da De Da,” the video picks up a strain of holiday joy that’s not often considered: the Christmas rave. All the characters just kind of lose it, as do we. 

Last we heard from Reed + Rader, they’d created an entire lookbook using the Unreal Tournament video game engine. This might be the next logical step. Read a brief interview about the holiday rave video over at the Nowness, where the duo says their holiday tradition includes tacos for dinner. 

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[via the Nowness]