Ralph Steadman became famous, if not for his amazing inkblot style illustrations, than for his association with famed gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. They first rigged up on the infamous Kentucky Derby story that helped, in part, to define Thompson’ and Steadman’s over-the-top style (where a copious amount of LSD was consumed). This is in part why we think its so fitting that Now magazine, a Canadian alt-weekly, had Steadman illustrate the cover of its year-in-review issue, featuring none other than Rob Ford. The Toronto mayor this year was known to have done crack cocaine and knocked over a city council woman at the end of a contentious meeting, among a litany of other allegations of his lascivious behavior. If we have to explain to you why this pairing is perfect, then you are grounded from art, drugs, and politics. Check it out above and read the rest of the Now issue here, including a list of the 50 most outlandish quotes from Ford in 2013.  

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[via AnimalNewYork]