Patta makes streetwear for men, but that’s not stopping ladies from copping the brand's dope fits. Due to the lack of cool streetwear options for girls, more often than not, ladies are rocking men’s clothes these days. There are even Tumblr pages dedicated to these tomboy styles.

To put a spin on it, the Dutch streetwear brand added a feminine touch to its winter lookbook by lacing up two beauties in the latest collection. Models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer are seen in the world map button-downs, graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories. Honestly, they pull it off better than some dudes in the streets.

If your girl's outfits have been meh, this is a perfect time to put them on to something new. Or you can just keep it all to yourself. The choice is yours.

The collection is available now on the Patta website.

[via Patta]