Photographer Nolan Conway gave up a typical existance at age 29 to live in a "little cave" in Brooklyn. According to his website, "He frequently receives visions, which lead him on pilgrimages all over the country and sometimes to other countries, but he prefers his little cave the most." One of these visions must have led him to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he shot images of people who spend the night in Walmart parking lots (which the store allows) for his series "Waking Up At Walmart." The moving images capture the eccentric characters who live a transient life. 

As he lived in the Walmart parking lot for a total of two and a half weeks, Conway got to know the people that slept there. In an interview with The New York Times, he says of the project, "Usually it’s all visuals, but in this case it was really people’s stories that I found most captivating. The photography was almost secondary compared to these people’s lives and what they went through."

Conway has also photographed people in McDonald's restaurants across the country, visitors to the Rockaway beaches in Queens, and children with their overprotective parents. He shares his striking images with us in our Portfolio Review: Nolan Conway Shares Touching Photographs of Americans in Walmart, McDonald's and the Rockaways

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