While U.S. athletes prepare and train for the upcoming winter Olympics, Nike was hard at work in their Innovation Kitchen to come up with outfits worthy enough for the podium. The final product has been unveiled, and it doesn’t disappoint.

As American competitors step up to accept their Gold—yeah, we already know we got this—they’ll be wearing the new Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket. While everyone else will be freezing their butts off, the 800-fill down insulations on these bad boys will keep Team USA warm and cozy. Inspirational quotes like “Home of the Brave,” “Land of the Free,” and “This Is Your Moment” are embroidered on the hand pockets and interior of the jacket. Topping it off is a titanium nano-coating that will keep the good heat inside. We can't wait to see these at Sochi. 

Now, you may not be an Olympian, but you can also get your hands on the jacket and the matching winterized Flyknits when it hits the Nike website in January.