It was easy for Allen Midgette to impersonate the man most didn't know much about. 

During a 1967 college lecture tour, Andy Warhol commissioned Midgette to throw on a white, stringy wig, black turtleneck and leather jacket and pose as the Factory artist. Since Warhol kept answers short and cryptic in most interviews, it wasn't difficult for Midgette to take on the persona of the man who would become one of the most iconic pop artists of the 1960s and on. Midgette successfully tricked scores of students and spectators for a few weeks before one of Andy's friends let the secret slip.

Now, New Era is picking up where Midgette left off - the cap company released part two of its collaboration with Warhol's pop aesthetic, dropping four new designs that bear fresh details and sly social commentary, all in Warhol's quintessential style of repetition and all-over print. Andy Warhol's loopy signature is stitched on the side of each hat, which runs between $30 and $40. The holiday collection is available online. While you're there, take a look at the rest of the collaboration.

[via New Era]