Tristan Walker's explanation of why he started his company really doesn't need further analysis or deeper thought. As a black man, he quickly realized that finding quality products and experience for grooming wasn't as easy as going to the cosmetics aisle. 

"It's not really an aisle, it's a shelf," he told Forbes. "Then you have to reach to the bottom of that shelf for a package that's dirty, and then there's the photo of a 45-year-old bald black guy in a towel on it...that entire second class citizen experience needs to go."

The solution is Bevel by Walker & Company, which sends quality products and tools to its customers by mail. And one believer in the efforts is Nas, who said, "I've had the chance to spend some time with Tristan and I'm so impressed with how Walker & Company has been shaping up." He continued, "As a black man, there are many challenges when it comes to proper grooming and the experience Bevel gives you is one I've been envisioning for us all for a lifetime."

For a one time payment of $60 plus $30 a month, customers who sign up get a razor that's tailored to solve the issue of razor bumps, plus replacement blades, lotions, and a shaving brush. The venture is meant to solve an obvious but longstanding problem: Beauty and grooming for people of color is largely unaddressed by major companies. With a $2.4 million backing, Walker & Company now has a shot at reducing and eliminating this issue.

[via Forbes]