Winter Session is a husband and wife team that make a whole bunch of really nice bags, wallets, dopp kits, aprons and shit. They started making the bags in Chicago, but moved to Denver, Colorado where they now have a studio and retail space. At first I was like, “Why move to Colorado? I mean, Chicago is already pretty legit. Harold’s Chicken Shack is almost worth the price of admission alone.” But then I got it. LEGALIZED WEED. I’m probably projecting, but that’s the only reason I can imagine moving to Colorado. But that’s also because if I told everyone I knew I was moving to Denver to focus on making waxed canvas bags for your tooth brushes and Axe body spray, they’d just assume that was my cover for actually slanging weed. And they’d be almost right. I’d make really nice bags to carry your weed jars in the interest of splitting the difference.