Kevin Parry and Andrea Nesbitt of Candy Glass Productions visited Mount Hood in Oregon and spent many hours driving and hiking around it snapping photos of it's peak and geotagging their location. The photographers then combined the photos into a cool video that zooms around the mountain, almost as if the viewer has sprouted wings and is flying at super speeds with their eyes fixed on the landmark. Parry and Nesbitt's time-lapse videos provide a unique and dizzying view that normal 360s and panoramic shots can't. 

Petapixel spoke with Nesbitt about the process of making the hyperlapse and she explained that some of the shots taken required 4-6 miles of hiking before they reached a spot that provided a clear enough view of the peak. The attempted the project after shooting similar videos in San Francisco because of the challenge: "Tackling a ‘spin’ around Mt Hood started as a crazy idea...It’s one thing to spend an hour walking around a building, but a mountain would require months of planning, miles and miles of hiking, and some terrifying driving/exploring." 

Check out the cool video below that documents the process:

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[via Petapixel]