Why has concert and event ticket design not caught up with the modern world? That’s the question one designer, Matthew Lew, tried to solve in a recent project. He reimagined Ticketmaster tickets as something smaller, more svelte, more collectible, and updated for the modern age of digital design. Lew posits that Ticketmaster tickets are totally outdated, not collectible, won’t fit in a wallet, and are easily counterfeited.

These are the bullet points of his redesign:

  1. Tickets are difficult to read.
  2. The ticket design is as old as the cassette tape.
  3. It’s the only major ticket service that still prints tickets.
  4. Its tickets are lacking ant-counterfeiting measures.

Instead of just sitting idly by and watching his tickets crumble in the wash, he redesigned the standard concert ticket, coming up with something beautiful and functional. Check out a few of this prototypes above.

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[via Medium]