Way back in 2010, Mark McNairy was in the beginning stages of re-defining men's footwear. To a lot of unexciting people, change is scary, and so when that blog you used to read when you were into gingham called The Trad featured McNairy's bright-soled bucks, it made some people uncomfortable. And when people get uncomfortable, they leave obnoxious anonymous comments. It's the Internet way!

One commenter took it upon him or herself to say, "He's an obnoxious prick and his shoes are ugly." McNairy tweeted a photo of the comment out back then, but now he's taking it a step further and putting their words on a T-shirt. What better way to make someone face the stupidity of their own words than to make them literally face the stupidity of their own words? 

This isn't the first time the New York-based designer has put his thoughts directly on a T-shirt, button-down, or pocket square. His parodies and playful pieces are typically wittier than a direct logo rip or brand-name pun, and while some may land him in hot water, this piece essentially made that one commenter realize the stupidity of their words. Something any Internet-user has wanted to do at some point. So be warned, cowardly anonymous commenters. Your dumb words, spouted off in a moment of smug security in your own expertise, may come back to haunt you many years later when you're proven extremely incorrect.