The way you shop online is about to be revolutionized. Former MIT researcher and UCLA PhD graduate Daina Linton is introducing Fashion Metric. Thanks to its next level fit technology, it's able to make sure every clothing purchase you make online is the right size. All your fears of returns and ordering something too small or too big are essentially erased. It's just like going into a store and trying something on. 

The way that it works is, the site will ask you a couple quick questions like, what brands fit you best, and the computer starts computing algorithms to find your best match. Kind of like a dating site, or even better, like having a personal tailor inside your computer. Stylists are also available to help you find the best gear for your budget. 

It may sound a little far-fetched and even too good to be true, but Mark Cuban is backing it. And he isn’t a billionaire because he made bad bets. All his picks are usually winners and that’s why the man is flying private jets and owns the Dallas Mavericks. If he thinks it’s the next big thing, it doesn’t hurt to try it. Who knows maybe this will lead to everyone relying on online shopping.

Visit the Fashion Metric site to give it a spin.