A Southern California-based painter is making waves for her abstract-expressionist paintings, perhaps more for her technique than the outcome of the canvases.

Marcey Hawk uses only her breasts (size 30D and natural, as she writes in her eBay listings) to apply paint to canvas boards. The results are variously feathered or stippled, creating fields that to Hawk are erotic and yet controlled. She came up with this method after seeing a performance artist cover her body in paint and roll around on a sheet. But, as that was more about public performance to Hawk, she was attracted to the marks left behind by that artist’s body. Hence, she developed her 5-point method for painting with her breasts. These techniques include:

  • Just The Tip
  • Squish and Swirl
  • Whole Breast Print
  • Nipple Print
  • Titty Twerk

Though she doesn’t paint on a large scale—her pieces are usually around 14” on one edge—Hawk says she’s attracted some celebrity clients, including Hugh Hefner, Rob Dyrdek, and Russell Brand. Her canvases have sold for as much as $500.

The artist says she also donates a portion of all her sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their fight against breast cancer.

Check out a few of her paintings above and head over to her eBay store if you feel like this is the right artwork for you.

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[via Latin Post]