At this point in his career, hearing that Lupe Fiasco opened an art exhibition at Anonymous Gallery in New York City should surprise no one. Gary Suarez received a private tour of the "Bound" show by the rapper/artist himself (who has dropped the alias in favor of his government name for the show,  Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) and wrote a brutally honest review for Noisey.

Suarez calls Jaco's exhibition a "cute attempt at transforming vaguely criminal mischief into art." In touring the space, he found that Jaco seemed to be making geniune attempts at "artistic seriousness," but had fallen short. Suarez writes that "the motive behind Jaco’s exhibit remains as vacant as the value of its contribution." He concludes by contrasting the work featured in "Bound" to that of Jimi CautyBill DrummondHarry Houdini, and Banksy, stating frankly that, "If anything, the adolescently straightforward “Bound” comes across more as the one-note dalliance of a bored museum patron than a crusading artist."

To read the full review of Lupe's exhibition, click through to the Noisey post. To see the exhibition yourself, head to Anonymous Gallery between now and December 21. 

[via Noisey]