Innovative Slovak artist Tomáš Džadoň has just finished placing three classic log cabins on top of one of the largest housing estates in Kosice, Slovakia as part of the “Folk Architecture Monument.” The project is Džadoň’s brain child, which began back in 2006. The original concept was to inspire societal, cultural and political change within the confines of his city’s borders, and this mission took on many different forms. Kosice was awarded the European Capital of Culture title in 2008 for the progress it had made due, at least in part, to Džadoň’s vision.

Mounting the log cabins onto the housing structure was a symbolic and emotional gesture for Džadoň. By placing a traditional village onto a communist block tower, Džadoň effectively eliminated the legitimacy of old political and cultural ways by stifling it with its antithesis.

The cabins have been locally dubbed “Furca Estate.” The monument can be seen from miles around, and has sparked critical discussion in neighboring cities about history, and cultural and political evolution.

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[via Designboom]