In past years, it hasn't been out of the question to clown Los Angeles residents who sob about 48-degree weather. It's December, for Christ's sake - what do you think happens during wintertime? 

This time, however, the complaints are valid - CNN reported over the weekend that the curious cold front hitting the western and central United States would continue into the week, with lows in the 30s in San Bernadino Valley, Calif. and possible snow in Las Vegas, Nev. Meanwhile, a winter weather advisory has been issued for the east coast's tri-state area, including some parts of Western Massachusetts. Travelers at Dallas' International Airport were forced to stay the night on cots due to hundreds of flight cancellations.

So, yes, it's damn frigid out. Fight the freezing with this Eat Dust Limited Edition Print Jacket.

The Belgium-based company has made 83 pieces total of this yellow, red and black wool guy, as part of its Ghost Rider collection, a collaboration with American artist Nicholas Coleman. A red nylon lining, Eat Dust's signature faded copper buttons and contrast Z-Bar stitching, along with a hand-signed tag from Coleman, make this jacket a standout in any blizzard.

Cop at London's Couverture and The Garbstore, or Eat Dust's webshop. 

[via Couverture and The Garbstore]