Most brands have a backstory that isn't that original or that interesting. Laggooda Corp is not one of those brands. As an explaination, the Atlanta-based label says it's "based on a character by the name of Laggooda: an inter-dimensional traveler with the intent of sharing his joy through all realms. Accompanied by his canine companion Comet, Laggooda is driven by the interest of the unseen."

With a backstory that weird and awesome, you just know the gear is going to reflect that. The winter "Stapler" collection features coach's jackets, flannels, bomber jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, and many other streetwear essentials all clocking in with oversized logos and graphic placements. According to founder and designer Physics, this collection is inspired by A Bathing Ape and Ralph Lauren, and is only as dope as the characters who wear it. Looks like the Laggooda character came across Internet gawdz Ian Connor and Ade Oyeyemi in his travels, and made converts out of them.

Head over to the Laggooda Corp site now to cop dope pieces that are half the price of what the brands that are influenced by LGDA are producing.