We all wish we were lucky enough to be painted by Andy Warhol, but that's pretty much impossible until cloning and/or time travel becomes a viable option. Kanye West decided that he couldn't wait that long to have a Warhol portrait of his fiancee Kim Kardashian so he found an alternative: Andy's cousin Monica Warhol. Monica admittedly never studied Warhol's work, but accordinging to NYMag she is the "sole proprietor" of the "new Warhol format," and has done portraits for Flo-Rida and other celebrities. Close enough, right? No, not really. 

As the unofficial authority on her dead cousin, Monica told the Post that Warhol (the real one) would have loved Kim because "She’s an icon. She’s famous for nothing." We're not sure how we feel about that but Warhol isn't alive to confirm or deny it.

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[via NYMag]