WOOO! R.I.P. FOR YOUR BOY. OPEN CASKET. LET THEM SEE MY DIAMONDS SHINE 'CAUSE THIS NEXUSVII x STUSSY GORE-TEX PULLOVER JUST KILLED ME. For real. This checks all my boxes. Pullover? Check. Fishtail? Check. Asymmetrical hem? Check. Random pocket on the sleeve I will never use? Check. The only thing a little sus about this jacket? It’s part of the “Rainy Dayz” collection. "Rainy Dayz" sounds like a Ja Rule’s comeback album. Not a good look. I’m probably not gonna buy this jacket, but I will probably save, like, every photo of it so that one day I can look back and be like, “Why the fuck didn’t I buy this goddamn jacket? Now I just got these lame ass .JPEGS. .JPEGS DON’T HAVE ILL FISHTAIL DETAILS AND AREN’T MADE OF GORE-TEX, JUST SHITTY ONES AND ZEROES. 1011000010100100010 <---- Look at this swagless binary code and tell me I'm tripping.