Although Pauly C is more qualified and better equipped to wax poetic on NBA style, we just had to share the news that Joseph Abboud, recently acquired by Men’s Wearhouse, will continue in its fifth season as the official clothier of the NBA Head Coaches Association. Wait, does that mean all NBA coaches wear Joseph Abboud suits? HAHA, REALLY?! Is this, like, a contractual thing or is shit optional? Because if I were a head coach I’d negotiate hard to get out of that part of the bargaining agreement. This dude Joseph is all like, “Pat Riley set the standard for courtside style and NBA coaches have been stepping up their fashion game ever since.” LOLZ. Yeah, Lawrence Frank’s been totally fucking killing it lately, my dude. I wish we actually paid attention to the coaches in the NBA again. Can you guys imagine Latrell choking out a coach wearing a spread collar and that little Isaia coral? FUCK, I MISS LATRELL SPREWELL.